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Retaining a skilled criminal law defense attorney is vital if you have been accused of a serious crime. Even if you believe you have done nothing wrong, you may have to fight to prove your innocence. When you have been charged with a crime, we have the resources to protect your rights and preserve your freedom.

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It is very important to have an experienced attorney on your side if you are faced with violent crime charges. The right attorney should have your best interests at heart and strive to defend you from a criminal conviction and a possible jail sentence.

Our criminal law defense team has the necessary legal knowledge and expertise to give you the strongest possible representation, no matter what charges you are facing. We treat every client with respect, and fight for the best possible outcome.

Our attorneys have years of experience handling a wide variety of different cases and have completed more than 50 jury trials involving very serious charges, including:

  • Assault crimes
  • Driving offenses
  • Drug crimes
  • Expunges
  • Juvenile offenses
  • Probation violations
  • Sexual assault
  • Theft crimes

In order to convict you of a criminal offense, the prosecution must prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a high standard, and during any trial an attorney must be able to raise that doubt.

The most basic defense is to simply prove that you did not do it. Many defendants admit that they did the act, but claim for one reason or another that they should not be held responsible. Every case is different, but here are a few of the most commonly used defenses:


  • Innocent until proven guilty. Criminal law defense is based on the presumption that you are innocent until a judge or jury can show otherwise.
  • Beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecutor must demonstrate to the judge or jury that there is no reasonable doubt of your guilt. If any reasonable doubt can be shown, then you may be found innocent.
  • Alibi. An alibi is solid evidence that you were somewhere else, often with someone else, and thus could not have committed the crime.
  • Self-defense. The defendant turns the story around and demonstrates that rather than being the attacker, they were actually the victim and were acting to protect themselves from harm.
  • Insanity. Defendants rarely plead insanity. Judges and jurors are very skeptical of these claims, and because of its abstract nature, insanity can be very difficult to actually prove.
  • Under the influence. Some defendants claim that they were under the influence of drugs, and could not have had the mental state necessary to commit the crime.
  • Entrapment. Entrapment is appropriate when a government official induces you to commit a crime. Common examples of this are prostitution stings or drug sales.

If you need a criminal law defense attorney, choose us. Our passion is to provide the most aggressive, confident and strategic defense in Ventura County. Call or stop by to see how our experience can benefit you and your case. Acting quickly can be beneficial to your case. If you let us, we will fight for you.


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